Introducing Product Builder - the custom product creation app.

Product Builder will provide your customers with unique and exciting buying experiences, allowing them to tailor your products to their specific needs or preferences.
You can build custom products and simple product configurators for your website in a few easy steps. 
The app has 12 settings to help you create your custom product options:
1. Checkbox
2. Radio button
3. Text box
4. Drop-down selector
5. Image selection
6. Image & File upload
7. Video selection
8. Product upload
9. Colour Swatch
10. Date picker
11. Time picker
12. Colour picker
Add pricing rules. 
You can set a fixed price for your custom product. 
Or the customer can build the product price as they make their selections.
Or you can have a fixed price with optional extras added as the customer builds their custom product. The price will change depending on their selections.
Add conditional logic. 
Show and hide options based on customer selections.
Layout options. 
Build your product through various steps clicking next to activate the next step or have the customer scroll down the one page. 
Create amazing customer experiences with Product Builder.
Give it a try today with a 14-day free trial.
And please get in touch with our awesome support team with any questions you have.
General points to note:
*No limits on how many custom products you can create.
*The app is free to use for Development stores / Affiliate plans.
*The app uses Draft Order functionality.
*The app does not update images based on customer selections
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